Biloba Projectum Constructora specialises in constructing and refurbishing buildings and unique venues.


Our core business is constructing, refurbishing and designing buildings and interiors, our services protect the customer’s investment and we ensure compliance with the quality parameters we propose.


Biloba Projectum Constructora has a team of professionals including architects, engineers, building engineers and interior designers who design and carry out all kinds of work in order to meet our customers’ needs in terms of the project, technical office and safety coordination and most of all to comply with regulations and accomplish the detailed planning.



To meet our customers’ needs by designing and managing projects featuring increasing and sustainable profitability, deliver quality products and services that are environmentally friendly, and provide our employees with the chance to develop their professional skills.


We are a leading human and services group which is constantly growing and stands out for delivering excellent service quality to its customers, designing profitable projects and providing ample opportunities for professional and personal development to its employees to contribute positively to society.


Commitment and thoroughness to meet the needs of the projects commissioned by our customers.

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