Biloba Projectum Constructora has a team of professionals made up of architects, engineers, technical architects and interior designers capable of designing and executing all kinds of works in order to meet the needs of our clients in terms of the project, the technical office and the coordination of security and, above all , to comply with regulations and follow detailed schedules.


Meet the needs of our clients by designing and managing projects of increasing and sustainable profitability, as well as quality services and products that respect the environment, and offer its employees the possibility of developing their professional skills.


We are a leading and continuously growing human and services group that is distinguished by providing an excellent quality of service to its clients, designing profitable projects and offering extensive opportunities for professional and personal development to its employees to contribute positively to society.


Commitment and demand to meet the needs of the projects contracted by our clients.

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Building relationships with clients and suppliers with whom we have worked for years. We also look for those suppliers and locate those that, due to the range of products or services, can be better adapted to the type of construction and project.