Biloba Projectum Constructora is rooted in the principle of the survival of nature. That is why we are fully aware of the impact of bad practices on the environment when implementing projects and also in their subsequent use due to lack of maintenance. With the aim of preserving the environment, we constantly reduce the impact of the work performed in the projects we carry out. We always comply with all applicable legal requirements and make employees aware of its importance, since environmental stewardship is also critical for our customers.



Biloba Projectum Constructora is committed to the health and safety of its employees, users and pedestrians. We have set up a department in our company tasked with reducing accidents. This department is supported by CAATEEB with the sole aim of reducing accidents at work and providing the resources needed to improve workplaces.


Occupational health and safety is one of our cornerstones when planning and carrying out work. Training for workers and the engagement of everyone involved in the process are the tools we use to ensure it runs smoothly.

Projects are marked by their design requirements and customer needs based on our quality control process endorsed by CAATEEB and COAM. We ensure compliance with the Technical Building Code. Our mission is to satisfy our customers, and we do so in compliance with all the qualities specified in the design and always providing new insights and processes to improve the quality of the final product. Total staff engagement and the partnership of our team mean that our projects are recognised for the quality of their finishes.

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