En Biloba Projectum Constructora We offer our services for developers and investors who need to build real estate or make reforms, always complying with the quality and budget control standards and the agreed deadlines.

Biloba Projectum has extensive experience in the execution of works in rehabilitation works of buildings and homes, as well as in residential housing construction, adhering to the new technical building code currently in force.


We offer constructive and rehabilitation solutions for hotels and apartments. Our wide range of industrialists and suppliers guarantees us the resolution of the needs raised by our clients. Experience in the sector supports us.

Interior design projects

Thanks to the accumulated experience of the professionals that make up our team, we develop building projects for both companies and individuals, with the utmost demand in monitoring costs and execution deadlines.


Our technical team will study your building and the pathologies in order to offer the most advanced and specialized solutions.

Together we provide you with our service for the rehabilitation of your building from the beginning to the end, including the management of grant procedures. This way we achieve agility, good planning and coordination and at the same time we optimize the quality and the execution time for each project.


Biloba Projectum Constructora was born with the aim of preserving nature. That is why we are very aware of the impact that bad practices have on the environment, both in the execution of projects and in subsequent use due to lack of maintenance. In order to preserve the environment, we constantly reduce the impact of the work on the projects we execute. We always comply with all applicable legal requirements and make workers aware of their importance, since respect for the environment is also vital for our clients. The Sustainable Development Goals seek to expand the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and achieve those goals that were not met. The central idea is that all countries, regardless of their level of development or wealth, commit to promoting prosperity and protecting the environment.