Social responsibility We are involved in the integration and relationship with social entities that bring this great human value to Biloba Projectum.

Safety and health, prevention of occupational hazards

We are involved in the safety and health of not only workers but also users and pedestrians. We have established in our society a department aimed at reducing accidents. Our department is endorsed by CAATEEB with the sole objective of reducing workplace accidents and providing the necessary means to improve jobs.

Occupational risk prevention is one of our fundamental pillars for planning and developing work. The training of workers and the participation of all those involved in the process are the tools for a perfect operation.


The La Caixa Incorpora Program: promotes the social and labor integration of people at risk of exclusion thanks to the commitment of the Incorpora technicians and the companies that collaborate.

ACAPPS Federation

The objective of the ACAPPS Federation is to achieve the full integration of the deaf person in all areas: educational, work, social and cultural.