Biloba Projectum Constructora

We are specialized in the construction and rehabilitation of buildings and unique spaces.

Our work in the construction, rehabilitation and design of buildings or interior spaces, and we direct these services to the protection of the client’s investment and guarantee the quality parameters offered.

Biloba Projectum Constructora has a team of professionals made up of architects, engineers, technical architects and interior designers capable of designing and executing all kinds of works in order to meet the needs of our clients in terms of the project, the technical office and the coordination of safety and security. Above all, to comply with regulations and follow detailed schedules.


We have a team of technical professionals in architecture, engineering and interior design, ready to manage the construction works.


In order to preserve the environment, we constantly reduce the impact of the work on the projects we execute.

The works are marked by the requirements of the project and the needs of the clients, according to our quality control procedure, endorsed by CAATEEB and COAM. We ensure compliance with the CTE.

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